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Cilica and Christophe discovered the beauty of living in the Ariège Pyrenees Regional Nature Park and found, in the small, 8 house hamlet of Nestri, the ancient stone barn that has become their home. At first , they arranged to stay at the barn for weekends and vacations, enjoying the benefits of being surrounded by a natural environment and living a lifestyle that respects nature and the preservation of its resources. They decided that they wanted to live this way all the time and started to purchase land around the area, until they had enough to build their house, where they moved in 2014. Inspired by decades of combined experience in learning, teaching and practicing several martial arts disciplines and meditation, they developed new techniques to approach body movement to achieve well-being. Since year 2000 they have been sharing their methodology in business settings, nursing homes, weekly classes, university courses, and workshops with great success. From all of this, La Casita was born! They designed La Casita (in Spanish “Small House”) and built it not far from their own home. Surrounded by the majestic nature of the Pyrenees, La Casita has the perfect environment for a personal retreat, to disconnect, detox, relax, recharge and reinvigorate.

Meet Cilica & Christophe

Cilica Chlimper


With more than 40 years of practice in martial arts, Cilica Chlimper has created a unique way to approach movement. Using the classic martial arts principles of Yin-Yang, and the results of her personal search for conscious movement, this new methodology is designed to allow to minimize the effect that gravity has on the body and thus prevent aging and injuries. It also helps develop inner connections between body and mind and hence, an overall feeling of well-being. For the last 20 years Cilica has been teaching in France. More than 300 people attend her workshops every year. With the support of the CNES (French Center of Spatial Studies) she has honed her method in a microgravity environment during the October 2009 parabolic flights campaign to show its benefits in the prevention of stress and back pain for European Astronauts. She thought this method in Paul Sabatier University of Toulouse in a “Prevention of Aging” program for 9 years. She developed an innovative program for well-being and new ways of working with AIRBUS teams in Toulouse In conjunction with her search through movement, she explored different types of diets until she found the common sense principles of macrobiotics. She took cooking lessons with Aveline and Michio Kushi, who ran the macrobiotic international institute based in Boston. She created à family business in western Massachusetts in the early 80s and developed a traditional Native American recipe with corn: “The Masa “, for the organic market in eastern USA. She gave a course on the use of Masa in the Natural Gourmet Cookery School from Anne Marie Colbin in NY. In France, she introduced soybean for human consumption with a traditional recipe from Indonesia: Tempeh, as well as one with fermented rice: Amazake. Her first activity when she established in France was giving cooking lessons and open a “table d’hôte”.

Christophe Léry


While finishing his engineering studies in Paris Arts et Métiers, Christophe Léry discovered Qi Gong and Tai Ji Quan. Fascinated by these disciplines, he followed the teachings of Kar Fung WU, practitioner in traditional Chinese medicine, for 20 years. He learned Qi Gong, Tai Ji Quan style Wu, and Ba Gua. He has also trained in the traditional Tai Ji Quan Yang style and trained in Pilates and Yoga. He has a certificate of professional qualification with the French Federation, Sports Pour Tous. Christophe has trained in France and the USA in Shiatsu, the traditional method of Japanese manual care, and offers Shiatsu treatments in individual sessions in Toulouse and in Ariège. He is the co-founder and trainer for SAGESSES, where he is involved in continuous training in companies on stress management, self-esteem and well-being in business. He has been teaching Qi Gong and Tai Chi Chuan at the Association Douceur de Vie for 15 years and he also works in nursing homes to introduce these disciplines to this public. In order to stay in line with his scientific background, he is also a mathematics teacher in a professional high school that prepares students for the social and health professions.

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Magnificent getaway for a week end of total disconnection in the woods and moreover the outdoor nordic bath with a magnificent view of the Pyrenees
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